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Flared Wire Decking for Box/Structural Beams

A Box or “C” Channel Flared Waterfall Wire Deck uses a flattened end to rest on top of the beam surface. It also has a waterfall edge to keep the deck securely on the beam and holds it into place. This creates a partially unobstructed view of the beam face for reading the labels and product barcodes. 

Flared Wire Decks for Box/Strutural Beams Pallet Rack
This image shows a “U” Channel cross support that has been flattened at the end so it can rests on the top on the box beam. This adds to the strength of the Wire Deck. The more Channels a deck has the more it can hold. A typical wire deck comes with 3 channels and larger ones will have 4. The Waterfall edging helps create a snug fit and add extra strength to the deck. 
SKUDescriptionDepthWidthCapacityWeightQty 1-99Qty 100+
D2446AA3B2Flared Dire Decking 24'' Deep x 46'' Wide2445.752500 UDL11.32
D3646AA3A2Flared Wire Decking 36'' Deep x 46'' Wide3645.752500 UDL17.67
D3652AA3A2Flared Wire Decking 36'' Deep x 52'' Wide3652.252500 UDL19.16
D4246AA3A2Flared Wire Decking 42'' Deep x 46'' Wide4245.752100 UDL20.66
D4246EA3A2Flared Wire Decking 42'' Deep x 46'' Wide4245.752500 UDL24.96
D4246BB4A2Flared Wire Decking 42'' Deep x 46'' Wide4245.753000 UDL27.3
D4252EA3A2Flared Wire Decking42'' Deep x 52'' Wide4252.252500 UDL27.36
D4446EA3A2Flared Wire Decking 44'' Deep x 46'' Wide4445.752500 UDL25.83
D4846EA4A2Flared Wire Decking 48'' Deep x 46'' Wide4845.752500 UDL31.56
D4852EA4A2Flared Wire Decking 48'' Deep x 52'' Wide4852.252500 UDL34.24
Flared wire decks are engineered to fit all styles of beams, as they are designed to fit beams that have no insert or step. 
The universal fit is ideal for applications that utilize box beams and/or structural beams. Flared wire decks can also be used with pallet step-beams.
Pallet Rack Wire Decking in Stock in the Following Locations!
Flared deck for step beam
Flared deck for structural/box beam