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Open grid wire mesh decking is used at most warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants as a safety measure on selective pallet rack to prevent pallets from falling through the rack structure. Wire Decking complies with state and local Fire codes, providing an open deck so the heat can reach the sprinklers and allows water to extinguish the fire. We carry pallet rack, wire decks, pallet supports and related products from Worldwide DeckingNashville WireWireway HuskyITC MfgJ&L Wire Decking and  Nelson Wire Decking.  Choose between standard waterfall wire decking, flared decks for box/structural beams, inside waterfall wire decks, flush decking, inverted channel wire decking and upturned waterfall decking.  Finishes include powder coated grey and galvanized wire decks.  Our quick ship program offers delivery from multiple regional warehouses across the country.
Standard Wire Decking for Step Beams
Flared Wire Decks for Structural Box Beams
Inside Waterfall Wire Decking
Flush Wire Decking
Inverted Channel Wire Decks
Upturned Waterfall Wire Decking
Inside Waterfall Decking
Upturned Waterfall Decking
Inverted Channel Decking
Flush Decking
Design with standard support channels to accomodate standard 1 1/2" or 1 5/8" step beams.
Waterfall design with flared support channels to accomodate box and structural type beams.​
Wire is hidden inside the step leaves beam faces unobstructed.
Flat mesh ends even with the top of beam with no bend.
Decking with the support channels inverted for food storage and other clean applications.
Decking with the rear waterfall turned up to serve as a backstop to prevent cartons from being pushed off the back of the back.
Our Partners
ITC Wire Decks
Nashville Wire Products | Wire Decking
Wireway Husky Wire Decks
Pallet Rack World offers a variety of sizes, capacities, and custom configurations to accommodate any rack and any application. Whether it's a heavy load capacity, long beams, deep rack, or some other special need Pallet Rack World can provide the deck solution. Tell us what you need and we'll make wire decking to suit your specific application, based on capacities, load requirements, load handling, equipment used, spans, widths, deflection requirements and other criteria. 
Elizabeth, NJ
J&L Galvanized Wire Mesh Decking for Pallet Racks
Great for cold room and freezer applications.  Galvanized avoids deterioration from liquids, salts, and other harmful elements.
Galvanized wire decking for pallet racks outside or cold room, freezer applications.
Kwik Shelf is designed to fit rivet style shelving and other boltless rack.
wire decks for rivet shelving, boltless shelving
Nashville Wire - Wire Mesh Decking
42'' Deep x 46'' Wide 2,700lbs Capacity
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36'' Deep x 46'' Wide
36'' Deep x 52'' Wide

42'' Deep x 46'' Wide
42'' Deep x 52'' Wide

48'' Deep x 46'' Wide
48'' Deep x 52'' Wide
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Standard Wire Decking In Stock - Greensboro, NC
  • Powder Coat Grey
  • 3 Support Channels
  • 2.5'' x 4'' Mesh
  • Wire Diameter 6 Gauge
Wire Decking for 1-5/8'' Step Beams | Rack Wire Mesh Decking for Sale
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