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Wireway Husky, Wire Decking in Stock in Denver, NC
Model #TypeDepthWidthCapacityLbsPrice
DWMD3646Wire Deck for Step Beam3646325018.58$
DWMD3652Wire Deck for Step Beam3652325020.09$
DWMD3658Wire Deck for Step Beam3658390023.83$
DWMD4246Wire Deck for Step Beam4246261021.4$
DWMD4252Wire Deck for Step Beam4252261023.11$
DWMD4258Wire Deck for Step Beam4258315027.48$
DWMD4846Wire Deck for Step Beam4846210024.61$
DWMD4852Wire Deck for Step Beam4852210026.57$
DWMD4858Wire Deck for Step Beam4858263031.61$
Model #TypeDepthWidthCapacityLbsPrice
CWMD2436Flared Wire Deck2436290013.5$14.50
CWMD3646Wire Deck for Step Beam3646325018.58$17.66
CWMD3652Wire Deck for Step Beam3652325020.09$18.89
CWMD3658Wire Deck for Step Beam3658390023.83$22.10
CWMD4246Wire Deck for Step Beam4246261021.4$19.77
CWMD4252Wire Deck for Step Beam4252261023.11$21.16
CWMD4258Wire Deck for Step Beam4258315027.48$24.83
CWMD4846Wire Deck for Step Beam4846210024.61$22.20
CWMD4852Wire Deck for Step Beam4852210026.57$23.80
CWMD4858Wire Deck for Step Beam4858263031.61$27.94
Nashville Wire, Wire Decking in Stock in Charlotte, NC
Pallet Rack Decks, Wire Decking NC, Charlotte, NC and Denver, NC
Pallet rack wire decking is in stock in 2 convenient locations in North Carolina.  The wire decks in stock in Charlotte, NC ship out same day or next day.  The wire decks in stock in Denver, NC ship out in 48 hours!
Pallet Rack Wire Decking in Stock in the Following Locations!
Pallet Rack Wire Decking in Stock in the Following Locations!
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