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ITC MFG Wire Decking Solutions
Decking Options

ITC offers a variety of decking applications.

  •   Super Light Duty Decks: Ideal for lower capacity applications
  •   Standard Mesh Decks: For applications up to 2,500 lb capacity
  •   Super Heavy Duty Decks: For applications needing over 2,500 lb capacity
  •   Outdoor Decks: Zinc-plated or hot-dip galvanized for great weather resistance
  •   Anchored Decks: Can be secured to the beam to stop beam separation and prevent deck movement


  •   Increases capacity
  •   Easy installation
  •   High visibility for inventory inspection
  •   Minimizes dirt build-up
  •   Improves air circulation
  •   Decreases insurance premiums
  •   Increases overhead sprinkler effectiveness
  •   Meets fire code standards
  •   Easy maintenance
  •   Promotes safety
ITC Wire Decks
  • Wire Decking  in Stock
  • Flared & Standard Decks
ITC Wire Decks

Columbus, OH
845 Markison Avenue
Columbus, OH 43207


Phoenix, AZ
110 South 41st Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

Part NumberSizeTypeChannelsCapacityQty 1-99Qty 100-299300+
2446-BMEMM-3QA20E-G24'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall33,000lbs$16.85$15.64Request Quote
3646-BMEMM-3QA32EG36'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall33,000lbs$18.85$17.50Request Quote
3652-BMEMM-3QA32E-G36'' Deep x 52'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,500lbs$20.08$18.64Request Quote
4246-BMEMM-3QA38E-G42'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,500lbs$19.77$18.36Request Quote
4252-BMEMM-3QA38E-G42'' Deep x 52'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,500lbs$22.23$20.64Request Quote
4258-BMEMM-3QA38E-G42'' Deep x 58'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,460lbs$23.85$22.14Request Quote
4446-BMEMM-3QA40E-G44'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,500ls$21.54$20.00Request Quote
4452-BMEMM-3QA40E-G44'' Deep x 52'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,500lbs$23.38$21.71Request Quote
4846-BMEMM-3QA44E-G48'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,500lbs$23.38$21.71Request Quote
4852-BMEMM-3NA44E-G48'' Deep x 52'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall32,500lbs$26.31$24.43Request Quote
4858-BMEMM-4QA44E-G48'' Deep x 58'' Wide Wire DecksStandard Waterfall42,500lbs$30.54$28.36Request Quote
Flared Wire Decking for Box/Structural Beams

A Box or “C” Channel Waterfall Wire Deck uses a flattened end to rest on top of the beam surface. It also has a waterfall edge to keep the deck securely on the beam and holds it into place. This creates a partially unobstructed view of the beam face for reading the labels and product barcodes.  Flared wire decks can be used on either box/structural beams or step beams.  
Flared Wire Decks for Box/Strutural Beams Pallet Rack
Standard or Step Waterfall Wire Deck

Standard waterfall wire decking for step beams
A Standard or Step Waterfall Wire Deck rests on the step part of the beam while part of the decking rests on top of the beam. The edge of the deck hangs over the face of the beam for added support. The step carries the weight of the decking and its contents across the surface area of the step beam. 
Part NumberSizeTypeChannelsCapacityQty 1-99Qty 100-299300+
3646-BMEMM-3NB36-G36'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksFlared32,500$20.38$18.93Request Quote
4246-BMEMM-3NB42U-G42'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksFlared32,500$20.92$19.43Request Quote
4252-BMEMM-3NB42U-G42'' Deep x 52'' Wide Wire DecksFlared32,500$23.92$22.21Request Quote
4446-BMEMM-3NB44U-G44'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksFlared32,500$23.08$21.43Request Quote
4846-BMEMM-3NB48U-G48'' Deep x 46'' Wide Wire DecksFlared32,500$24.62$22.86Request Quote
2209 Patterson Ct.  Greensboro, NC 27407
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