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Imported World Deck Wire Mesh Decking
Wire mesh decking is a great option when wanting to create shelves for your pallet racking.  The standard wire decks simply drop into place.  World Deck offers standard waterfall decking for step beams, flared wire mesh decks for box/structural beams, inside waterfall decking for leaving the face of beams unobstructed, and inverted channel wire decks for clean room applications.

The wire deck sizes and options shown below are conveniently in stock in four locations across the United States.  Illinois, Georgia, Texas and California all have a wide selection of wire deck sizes.  These wire decks can ship within a couple of days. 
Wire Decking Stock sizes for Illinois, Georgia, Texas and California
Standard Decking
Inside Waterfall Decking
Flared Decking
Inverted Flared Channel Decking
Most popular design of wire decks.  Design with standard support channels to accomodate standard 1 1/2" or 1 5/8" step beams.
Waterfall design with flared support channels to accomodate box and structural type beams.​
Wire is hidden inside the step leaves beam faces unobstructed.
Inverted flared channel wire decks comply with FDA regulations.  Flared end welded to the wire to accommodate box/structural beams.

Dallas, TX
​12344 East Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75228

California - West Coast

Los Angelos, CA
740 S. Allen Street
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Illinois - Headquarters

Romeoville, IL 
​32 Forestwood Drive
Romeoville, IL 60446

Georgia - East Coast

Atlanta, GA
5300 Kennedy Road
Forest Park, GA 30297

*  All stocked wire decks come standard with a 1.5'' front/rear waterfall and a powder coat gray finish.  Optional galvanized after weld finish is available upon request
*  All capacities (lbs.) are based on uniform distributed loads
Features and Benefits:
  • Standard 2.5'' x 4'' x 6 ga. wire mesh pattern
  • 14 ga. or 16 ga. support channels
  • 1.5'' waterfall front and rear
  • Heavy duty powder coat finish
  • Electro-galvanized finish available
  • Capcities based on UDL (Uniform Distributed Load)
  • Custom designs and sizes available to fit every pallet rack application
  • Optional snap in, hanging and flue dividers available
Pallet Rack Wire Decking in Stock in the Following Locations!
Standard Wire Decking for Step Beams
Wire Decking In Stock
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Wire mesh decking for pallet rack step beams and box/structural beams.  Waterfall wire decks, flared wire decks, 42'' x 46'' etc...
Inverted Step Channel Decking
Flat Deck
Inverted step channel complies with FDA regulations.  These wire decks prevent collection of food or debris in the channels.
Flat Decking is used for hand loading and bulk rack or shelving applications.