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J&L Wire Decking - Galvanized Wire Mesh Decking
J&L Wire Decking makes GalvaDeck superior galvanized wire decking products.  When you compare to standard powder coated grey wire decks, these galvanized wire decks won't chip, scratch or corrode over time.  Sometimes painted wire decks can scratch due to the friction on your shelf.  But, galvanized wire decks withstand the rigors of your facility, retaining its appearance, surface integrity and most importantly, your investment.
Galvanized wire decks are a perfect solution to cold/freezer storage.  
Galvanized Wire Decking for pallet racks
1'' x 4'' Mesh Pattern Wire Deck
2'' x 2'' Mesh Pattern Wire Deck
Inside Waterfall Wire Deck
The universal flange or flared wire deck is designed to use on box/structural/c-channel beams or step beams.
The standard wire deck is used for 1-5/8'' step beams.  The waterfall holds the deck in place on both sides.
The inside waterfall wire deck is used for racking/shelving units that open for bar coding.  Tek-screw recommended.
J&L Wire's 2'' x 2'' mesh pattern wire decking is ideal for providing extra support for heavy loads.
J&L Wire's 1'' x 4'' mesh pattern wire decks are capable of holding increased loads and is ideal for smaller products.
J&L Wire Decking - Wire Decking options for pallet racking listed below....
J&L Wire Decking - Wire Decking options for pallet racking listed below....
Single Rivet Shelving Decking
Inverted Channels
Double Rivet Shelving Decking
These bulk storage wire decks have waterfalls in the front and rear for safety when loading shelves manually.
These lightweight bulk storage wire decks are designed to fit 5/8'' step beams.  Also features underside wires.
Inverted channels are available for step and box beams.  These are used in clean areas.  Will not fill with dust or dirt.
5835 NC-49 Liberty, NC 27298

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